The design process at Stricklandesign Bespoke is equal parts art and science and consists of five distinct steps. 1. Client Profile. 2. Wardrobe assessment. 3. Fabric selection. 4. Measurements. 5. Garment Details.During the client profile stage we will learn our client’s interests and lifestyle preferences. Once this critical information is obtained, we then proceed to the important step of wardrobe analysis where we discover what the client’s needs truly require to establish a solid stylish foundation. From there, we proceed to fabric selection, where the customer will have hundreds of cloths to choose from. After the client has made their final fabric choice, now the fun begins with the selection of garment details such as peak or notch lapels, slanted or straight pockets, double vents or a center vent, ticket pocket and pic stitching, etc. The options are endless and this is where custom clothing truly distinguishes itself from ready-to-wear garment. 


Once the desired fabric is chosen by the customer, our suit maker cuts the fabric into shapes to be constructed.


Once the fabric has been chalked and cut out into shapes, the suit maker begins the construction process.


The garments feature details such as hand sewn pic stitching and functional button holes on the sleeves.

Completed Garments

The Stricklandesign Bespoke garment upon completion is an impeccable statement of tailoring and creativity.

Why Stricklandesign Bespoke

With multiple custom clothing options, Stricklandesign Bespoke bridges the worlds of art and fashion seamlessly.

  • An Exception Value Add for the Costs
  • Timely Delivery of Garments
  • All of our Garments Are Made In America

What You Get

A perfectly tailored garment constructed from a luxuriously paired fabric selection.

  • Basted Try On
  • Multiple Fittings
  • Access to an Expert Master Tailor


A Custom tuxedo is one of the best investments a gentleman can make. It will provide you with a lifetime of black tie and gala memories.