Welcome to Stricklandesign Bespoke. We provide custom 100% canvas construction, handmade suits, formal wear, custom shirts, ties, and access to the finest accessories from around the world for the discerning customer. The house style at Stricklandesign Bespoke will be a contrast between classic and contemporary fabrics, with modern lines. We will honor the English Savile Row tradition of tailoring with a suppressed waist, but include contemporary styling elements such as higher arm hole positioning, higher button stance, 3 to 4 inch lapels, and a natural shoulder with rope detailing. For the truly daring, we will offer pants and suits in bold, unexpected prints and patterns. At Stricklandesign Bespoke our goal is to provide unparalleled quality, fit, service and creativity.

An Extraordinary Experience

The experience is equally as important as the final garments at Stricklandesign Bespoke. We provide a multi-fitting process which ensures the fit of the final garment will be exact and perfect to the customer’s physique. 

We provide in-home service or fittings at our showroom.

Our Core Values

Our primary value is that every customer is completely amazed with their new garment(s) and walks away looking like a million dollars for whatever the occasion is for their Stricklandesign Bespoke clothing.

  • Exceptional Fit
  • Quality Fabrics
  • Unrivaled Creativity

be brave.

Be brave with your fashion choices and take a few risks. An unexpected print breathes new life into the modern suit.